juli 16, 2011


Riskakor m jordnötssmör och avokado, kiwi, blåbär/banansmoothie
Rice cakes w peanut butter and avocado, kiwi, blueberry/banana smoothie

The Tellers - I've Got A World

This is what happens when you snooze. 
Rice cakes and kiwi. 
I'm off to shoot a wedding.
I'm going to die unless I eat something more soon.

4 kommentarer:

slyvvia sa...

Green! I love these breakfasts. You do great pictures.

Monika sa...

kiwi is to many this day in breakfasts ,i have too.

blomflicka sa...

så. himla. fin blogg. dör!

Sue sa...

I love when kiwi tweaks the palate. ;D
I'll watch you ;)