september 26, 2011


Blåbär/cashewmuffin, galiamelon, kokt ägg, blåbär/lingon/banansmoothie
Blueberry/cashew muffin, melon, boiled egg, blueberry/lingonberry/banana smoothie

Telepopmusic - Ghost Girl

3 kommentarer:

Amelia sa...

Such yummy breakfast yiu've had this weekend!
I was wondering; where do you get those muffin cups (or whatever they'll called xD ). Would you know where to buy them (or something similar) on the internet?

Amelia @ notrepetitsecret

aswedishgal sa...

Åhléns - a Swedish store. But you can probably find similar on Etsy.

Not Just Apples sa...

Delicious! Cashew muffin sounds very tasty :)