september 01, 2011


Mandelscone, rågbröd m skivat ägg, blåbär/hallon/banansmoothie/vattenmelon
Almond scone, sliced egg on rye, raspberry/blueberry/banana smoothie, watermelon

Chris T-T - Words Fail Me

6 kommentarer:

Tine sa...

I'm hungry!

aswedishgal sa...

Me too. It's nearly lunch.

Freddi sa...

Åh frukost i mitt hjärta.
Åh din blogg i mitt hjärta!

R. Chandra sa...

i adore your blog! such a great concept. and i love the soft, bright focus of your photos.

from one breakfast lover to another <3

Emily sa...

I made a truly delicious breakfast this morning and it reminded me of this blog.
Don't ever stop having breakfast! :)


Panna L sa...

Mmm, I missed your breakfasts really much! This one is great.. you make me crazy about various scones :3