februari 27, 2011


Bacon och ägg, blåbärsbagel med cream cheese och morotsmarmelad, apelsinjuice, varm choklad med grädde och minimarshmallows
Bacon and eggs, blueberry bagel w cream cheese and carrot marmalade, orange juice, hot chocolate w whipped cream and mini marshmallows
M.I.A. - Paper Planes

5 kommentarer:

Unknown sa...

how absolutely lovely :) your breakfasts are always so beautiful :)

aswedishgal sa...

Thank you so much! My kitchen table is a mess, but somehow that doesn't show here. ;)

Ash sa...

carrot marmalade? how awesome!!

aswedishgal sa...

It is! I bought it at a restaurant, but it can't be too hard to make. Think I'll give it a try. Maybe.

Irene sa...

Bagel's a very unusual
I haven't seen before blueberry bagel.It is homemade?
It's cool
I dream about it)))