mars 23, 2011


Hallon- och guavayoghurt, äpple, Fruktkick från Saltå Kvarn
Raspberry/guava yoghurt, apple, fruit drink

The Whitest Boy Alive - Burning

5 kommentarer:

Lady Thirty sa...

kan inte du göra mina frukostar också ;)

Pippi sa...

Åh, jag älskar Saltå Kvarns produkter!

aswedishgal sa...

Thirty: Hahahaaha!
Pippi: Jag med!

Laurène sa...

Hello ! I've just discovered your blog, and i really love the idea to spend time to make something good every morning. I love the "make-myself-feel-fine" philosophy. And nice pictures.
I linked it on my food+travel blog
Have a good day,
Laurene from paris

Jing Pei sa...

I just found your blog and your photos are beautiful! You make breakfast look so delicious, even though I always skip it since I'm running late!