maj 31, 2011

Spotify May


Bananscone, dinkelbröd m stekt ägg, bigarråer, ananas- hallon- och blåbärssmoothie
Banana scone, spelt bread w fried egg, cherries, pineapple/raspberry/blueberry smoothie

Aztec Camera - Good Morning Britain

maj 30, 2011


Bananscones med cashewnötter, ananas- och blåbärssmoothie, körsbär
Banana scones w cashews, pineapple and blueberry smoothie, cherries

The Love Language - Night Dogs

maj 29, 2011


Hotellfrukost. Samma som igår.
Hotel breakfast. Same as yesterday.

Malcolm Middleton - A Brighter Beat


Hotellfrukost: tranbärsjuice, fil och müsli, bacon och äggröra, grovt bröd med salami, kokt ägg, honungsmelon, ananas, plommon, te
Hotel breakfast: cranberry juice, buttermilk+müsli, boiled egg, bacon & scrambled eggs, mixed fruits, salami on rye, tea

I always stuff my face before a wedding. I need to be on the alert for 14-15 hours - not to mention all the gear I have to haul around. I'm quite dead the following day. Totally worth it though. Best job ever.

The Deprecation Guild - Dream About Me

maj 27, 2011


Dinkelbröd med kalkon och paprika, blåbärssmoothie gjord på blåbär, havremjölk och lite honung
Spelt bread w turkey and bell pepper, blueberry smoothie (frozen blueberries, oat milk and liquid honey)

Film School - When I'm Yours

I'm off to shoot a wedding! Hotel breakfast. Pinch me. 
Catch you Sunday!

maj 26, 2011


Ugnsbakade dinkelflingor med äpple, hallon och valnötter
Baked spelt w sliced apple, raspberries and walnuts

Here We Go Magic - Collector

maj 25, 2011


Avokado- och hallonglass. Lite för mycket hallonguacamole för min smak. Men smaken är ju som baken.
Avocado and raspberry ice cream. Meh. Tasted too much like raspberry guacamole.

1 mogen avocado
2 dl frysta hallon
2 msk flytande honung
1/2 vaniljstång

1 avocado - ripe
2 dl frozen raspberries
2 tbs liquid honey
vanilla bean - a half (throw in whole or just the meat)

Turin Brakes - Sea Change

maj 24, 2011


Yoghurt m blandade bär och mandlar, knäckebröd med rökt kalkon, te
Yoghurt w mixed berries and almonds, crisp bread w smoked turkey, tea

Mudhoney - Pump It Up

maj 23, 2011


Knäckebröd med jordnötssmör/banan, kalkon/körsbärstomat, ägg, te
Crisp bread w peanut butter/banana, turkey/cherry tomato, boiled egg, te

 Paul Weller - Broken Stones

maj 22, 2011


Hallon- och ananassmoothie, valnötsscones, vaniljphiladelphia, knäckebröd med ägg
Raspberry- and pineapple smoothie, walnut scones w vanilla flavoured cream cheese, crisp bread w sliced egg

Cowboy Indian Bear - Foolish

maj 21, 2011


Valnötsscone (från gårdagens frukost), dinkelgröt med kanel, kardemumma, torkade aprikoser och valnötter, hallon- och ananassmoothie (kan vara det godaste jag någonsin druckit).
Leftover walnut scone from yesterday, spelt porridge w cinnamon, cardamom, dried apricots and walnuts, raspberry and pineapple smoothie. Seriously. I could live on this drink. I'm off to shoot a wedding. Later!

The New Pornographers - A Bite Out Of My Bed

maj 20, 2011


Valnötsscones med vanilj- och aprikosphiladelphia, hallon- och ananassmoothie.
Walnut scones, cream cheese w vanilla and dried apricots, raspberry and pineapple smoothie.

Dr. Dog - The Rabbit, The Bat And The Reindeer

Använde en vaniljstång igår - istället för att slänga den skrapade jag imorse ur det lilla kött som var kvar, blandade med ca 2 msk philadelphiaost och en finhackad torkad aprikos. Bredde på valnötsscones. Smoothien är gjord på en bit färsk ananas, 1 1/2 dl frysta hallon, en skvätt agavesirap och 1 dl naturell yoghurt.

Instead of throwing away the vanilla bean I used yesterday, I dug out the remaining meat and mixed it with 2 tbs philly cheese and one finely chopped dried apricot. Ate it on walnut scones. I used a piece of fresh pineapple and 1/2 cup of frozen raspberries for the smoothie. I also added some agave syrup to sweeten it. Oh, and yoghurt. 1 dl.

maj 19, 2011


Stekt ägg, knäckebröd med jordnötssmör och skivad banan, hallon- och grapefruktsmoothie
Fried eggs, crisp bread w peanut butter and sliced banana, raspberry and grapefruit smoothie

VHS Or Beta - Bring On The Comets

maj 18, 2011


Delikatessknäcke m jordnötssmör och skivad banan, grapefrukt, valnötter, te
Crisp bread w peanut butter and sliced banana, grapefruit, walnuts, tea

Jeffrey Lewis - Don't Be Upset

maj 17, 2011


Rågbröd m bacon, hallonsmoothie
Bacon on rye, raspberry smoothie

stellastarr* - My Coco

maj 16, 2011


Bovetegröt med kardemumma, kanel, hallon, torkade aprikoser, hackad mandel och mjölk, ananas, te
Buckwheat porridge w cinnamon, cardamom, raspberries, chopped almonds, dried apricots and milk, pineapple, tea

The Broken Family Band - Happy Days Are Here Again

maj 15, 2011


Yoghurt med hallon, torkade aprikoser och valnötter i en pappersmugg. På språng.
Yoghurt w raspberries, dried apricots and walnuts in a paper cup.
Breakfast on the go.

Melanie - Brand New Key

maj 14, 2011


Pannkakor m hallon och grädde
Pancakes w raspberries and whipped cream

The Crookes - Yes, Yes, We Are Magicians

maj 13, 2011


Färska hallon.

Cut Copy - Need You Now
I can listen to this until my ears bleed. Seriously. I think I have a Cut Copy crush. A major one.


Turkisk yoghurt m physalis, hallon, valnötter och kokos, vattenmelon, te
Turkish yoghurt w physalis, raspberries, walnuts and coconut, water melon, tea

St. Vincent - Actor Out Of Work

maj 11, 2011

Destination weddings

I just got an email from a couple who wondered if I would be willing to travel to Russia to shoot a wedding. Unfortunately, I was already booked that day. They actually found my site via this blog. So - just to let you know: I'd love to shoot a wedding outside Sweden. Russia, France, Italy, outside Europe - you name it. Spread the word. I'll travel anywhere. Throw me an email if you want to know more. 

-- >My site <--


 Ananas, turkisk yoghurt med valnötter, torkad aprikos, physalis och kokos, dinkelbröd med ost (nu är brödet som jag bakade för ca en vecka sedan äntligen uppätet - på tiden...), te
Pineapple, turkish yoghurt w dried apricots, walnuts, physalis and coconut, spelt bread w cheese (made it a week ago - finally ate it all...), tea

The Cat Empire - Two Shoes 

I had some of my breakfast photos made into postcards. Turned out pretty good!

maj 10, 2011


Turkisk yoghurt m physalis och cashewnötter, bacon och ägg, vattenmelon, te  
Turkish yoghurt w physalis and cashews, bacon and eggs, watermelon, tea

Marit Bergman - Snow On The 10th Of May

maj 09, 2011


I started this blog because I wanted consistency - because I rarely sat down and enjoyed breakfast. Breakfast was something that I gobbled down while tying my shoes. On a good day. Hello ulcer. So I started this site. At first I was a little embarrased. What if my friends found out? A breakfast blog? How lame is that? So. I made breakfast. Shot it. Ate it. And after a while, it didn't feel lame at all. OK, so I wouldn't want my colleagues at work to find out about this blog, because... Well, I just don't. Not that I'm ashamed about it or anything, it's just that the idea that they know what I eat every single day kind of freaks me out. Yeah, I know people from the States, Europe, Asia and Australia know what I eat (I checked my statcounter - interesting and frightening at the same time), but that's not the same thing. Anyway. I've received a lot of sweet emails and comments about my blog. Which brings us to the photo above. I don't know how many tumblr sites I've found it on. I think it's awesome that people like my photos, but when I see this particular one reblogged, I always cringe inside. Had I known that people aside from my mother and my closest friends would visit this blog, I would never have uploaded it. Why? I'll tell you why. It's embarrasing really, but I'll do it anyway. Here we go.

The composition is a nightmare.

There. I said it.

I know. It's anal and downright stupid, but I just can't help myself.

I'm also very much aware of the reason why the composition isn't spot on. Why people seem to like it.

Because it's breakfast. Not the Mona Lisa. BREAKFAST. Who gives a flying fudge about how I placed the spoon and why the bowl isn't more to the lower left? (Well, I do, obviously, but hey - I'm insane.) In the end - it's just yoghurt and blueberries.

At least that's what I tell myself whenever I see it.

Over and out.


Bovetegröt med kanel, torkade aprikoser, valnötter och kokos, hallon/grapefruktsmoothie, dinkelbröd med salami
Buckwheat porridge w cinnamon, dried apricots, walnuts and coconut, spelt bread w salami, raspberry and grapefruit smoothie

Crystal Fighters - At Home

I know what you're thinking. 
She's been eating a lot of porridge, granola and spelt lately. 
What up with dat? Has hell finally frozen over?
Yes, it has.