maj 09, 2011


I started this blog because I wanted consistency - because I rarely sat down and enjoyed breakfast. Breakfast was something that I gobbled down while tying my shoes. On a good day. Hello ulcer. So I started this site. At first I was a little embarrased. What if my friends found out? A breakfast blog? How lame is that? So. I made breakfast. Shot it. Ate it. And after a while, it didn't feel lame at all. OK, so I wouldn't want my colleagues at work to find out about this blog, because... Well, I just don't. Not that I'm ashamed about it or anything, it's just that the idea that they know what I eat every single day kind of freaks me out. Yeah, I know people from the States, Europe, Asia and Australia know what I eat (I checked my statcounter - interesting and frightening at the same time), but that's not the same thing. Anyway. I've received a lot of sweet emails and comments about my blog. Which brings us to the photo above. I don't know how many tumblr sites I've found it on. I think it's awesome that people like my photos, but when I see this particular one reblogged, I always cringe inside. Had I known that people aside from my mother and my closest friends would visit this blog, I would never have uploaded it. Why? I'll tell you why. It's embarrasing really, but I'll do it anyway. Here we go.

The composition is a nightmare.

There. I said it.

I know. It's anal and downright stupid, but I just can't help myself.

I'm also very much aware of the reason why the composition isn't spot on. Why people seem to like it.

Because it's breakfast. Not the Mona Lisa. BREAKFAST. Who gives a flying fudge about how I placed the spoon and why the bowl isn't more to the lower left? (Well, I do, obviously, but hey - I'm insane.) In the end - it's just yoghurt and blueberries.

At least that's what I tell myself whenever I see it.

Over and out.

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boel sa...

Du kanske tänker att du är galen som bryr dig om att skeden ligger exakt rätt, men jag som tittar på bilden och också tycker att skeden ligger exakt rätt, jag tänker nog också att jag är galen. Speciellt för att det är just frukost du fotor på ett vis jag gillar, frukost kan vara något av det bästa som finns. Mona Lisa var en person som inte gjorde något väldigt stort för världen, frukost räddar folk varje dag, faktiskt!

Okej, jag kanske är galen...

Lara sa...

I don't think the composition is a nightmare at all! I don't know much about compositions, but I think it's great that the bowl is placed in the centre of the picture. I feel like everything comes together in the bowl, dairy from the upper left corner, berries from the upper right, and then cereals from the lower right. I think the composition makes perfect sense!

ELISE sa...

"It's anal and downright stupid, but I just can't help myself." Jag kan definitivt relatera! :D

Sofia sa...

åh, men vi gillar frukost ju, det är dagens bästa måltid! dessutom ser din frukost alltid tusen gånger bättre ut än vad min gör, jag har till och med börjat äta på jobbet vilket innebär att jag slänger i mig mackor framför datorn och får smulor överallt. så hur missnöjd du än känner dig kan du försöka tänka på att det ändå är tusen gånger snyggare och mer fotogeniskt än vad de flesta av oss andra äter varje morgon...

lisa sa...

jag tycker din frukost alltid ser tjusig och god ut!: )

Missy sa...


Paulina Rutkowska sa...

yummy !! cute pics<3

Magpie sa...

finaste frukost-bloggen har du! Fota mat är ju svårt! Men ärligt talat så är jag mest avundsjuk på att du hinner/orkar laga/äta så lyxig frukost varje dag. Hur lång tid tar du på dej? Lagar du allt själv? Förövrogt förstår jag det där med att inte vilja att "folk på jobbet" ska veta om ens blogg, samma här. :)

Anonym sa...

Composition. Schmoposition.
I've studied photography. I've studied film. I've studied art. The technique can be perfect. The color rich and saturated. The light that every artists dreams about but never gets. But, if there's no feeling, no connection, no reality - it's just images. flat.

I am constantly drawn to your site because of the care you put into your morning meal. I eat breakfast every day before I go off to work but beyond making it, plating it and digesting it, I rarely take the time to make it beautiful for myself.

The blueberries in a heart shaped bowl. The red and white towel folded under the bowls. The sweetness of that roll. This is the kind of meal, I might lay out for someone I deeply cared for. The fact that I don't do it for myself probably says a lot about me.

Don't be embarrassed. Be proud. For most people, your breakfast photos are a fantasy but one that can come true.

Thais sa...

OMG! I would've NEVER guessed you started this because you didn't eat breakfast! I read your blog everyday and I'm always a little jealous because you seem to take so much time in doing this I thought you were a natural. While I wake up late everyday and sneak something really fat in my bag and eat it at work kinda hidden behind my computer screen so no one sees what I eat in the morning haha. Well, keep on doing this, maybe one day I'll have breakfast as beautifully as you do.
Kisses from Brazil.

Mrs E (ibland Grefvinnan) sa...

Yes. Finally you have realised it. You are crazy. I've been trying to tell you that for the last 18-19 years.

(OMG, just realised we've known each other almost 20 years. We're old.)

aswedishgal sa...

Boel: Sant. Hon satt ju bara där och log. Jag slavar ihop frukost varje dag, hahaha! Och tack. :)
Lara: Never thought about it like that. Interesting.
Elzplz: Hahaha!
Sofia: Vad söt du är. Tack!
Lisa: Hahaha! Tack, tack! :)
Missy: :)
Little: Thanks!
Magpies: Fem minuter kanske? Att göra iordning allt, alltså. Det går rätt snabbt. Jag börjar oftast inte så tidigt - det tidigaste jag går upp är kanske 7, men det är rätt sällan. Oftast börjar jag 10, vilket innebär att jag kan ta det rätt lugnt.
Anonymous: Thank you so much! I never took the time either - until I started this blog. Strange really. Before this blog, I ate toast - on a good day. Then I ran to the tram. Doing this kind of changed my entire way of starting the day. I actually look forward to breakfast now. I guess that's a good thing.
Thais: Yeah, I rarely ate on weekdays. Not anymore though. And thanks! :)
Miss E: Liar. I'm 25 and you know it. :)

Anonym sa...

no matter the composition, that photo is awesome. the lighting, maybe. ir perhaps it's just because.. it's BREAKFAST!

d sa...

it's a challenge to try to find beauty in everything, even in breakfast, and you do that! and i don't think there is anything embarrasing in having a breakfast blog... using a twitter account is far more embarrasing =))

and it's something good that you realize you don't like that picture anymore and that you're able to see its mistakes. it means now you're more "photo wise", if that makes any sense =D

keep eating yummy breakfast and sharing it with us, please!

aswedishgal sa...

Catarina: Touché. :)
D: That does make sense. Thanks! :)

Ivana sa...

Sluta aldrig att skriva eller ta foton, du är grym! :)

aswedishgal sa...

Gulle dig. :)