maj 29, 2011


Hotellfrukost: tranbärsjuice, fil och müsli, bacon och äggröra, grovt bröd med salami, kokt ägg, honungsmelon, ananas, plommon, te
Hotel breakfast: cranberry juice, buttermilk+müsli, boiled egg, bacon & scrambled eggs, mixed fruits, salami on rye, tea

I always stuff my face before a wedding. I need to be on the alert for 14-15 hours - not to mention all the gear I have to haul around. I'm quite dead the following day. Totally worth it though. Best job ever.

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2 kommentarer:

Unknown sa...

absolutely lovely! i wish this was my breakfast!

malin/lokalresan sa...

Mmm, hotellfrukost. <3