juni 30, 2011


I'm in Stockholm and can't find my memory card reader. Breakfast pics will have to wait until Sunday.

Have a great weekend!


juni 29, 2011


I'm off. See ya!


Dinkelbröd (från Familjens Hälsokokbok av Jacob Wismar), kokt ägg, hallon/banansmoothie
Spelt bread w cashews, boiled egg, raspberry/banana smoothie

Ludella Black - I've Just Seen A Face

juni 28, 2011


Bacon, kokt ägg, minibananmuffins, kokos- och hallonsmoothie
Bacon, boiled egg, mini muffins, coconut/raspberry smoothie

 Lykke Li - Get Some

juni 27, 2011


Kiwi, bananbröd, rårisgröt m havremjölk, hallon/ananassmoothie
Kiwi, banana bread, porridge (raw rice cereal) w oat milk, raspberry/banana smoothie

Robyn - Time Machine

juni 26, 2011


I'm still in Norway. If I was at home, I would probably be eating strawberries. Like the ones above. Shot with film. I love film. Look at that soft, creamy light. Why edit your butt off in Photoshop when you can do this with film? Answer: Because sometimes film is a bitch (or maybe I'm just an idiot who should stick to digital - yeah, that could be it). I took three rolls a week ago - one came out blank. Oh well. Shit happens I guess. Still. Sucks big time. There were some sweet photos on that roll. Oh, and the camera is a Canon Ae-1.

Gomez - Little Pieces

juni 25, 2011


I'm in Norway, shooting a wedding. No breakfast pic today. Hey, look. A smoothie. I drank it. A week ago. Then I shot it. With a 40 year old camera and expired film. No editing whatsoever except for some sharpening. Word.

Ben Kweller - Penny On The Train Track

I love this song
I love this song
I love this song
It's simple and slightly corny, but still.
Love it.

juni 24, 2011


Bagel gjord på fullkornsdinkel med köttbullar och tomat, hallon/ananassmoothie
Whole grain spelt bagel w meatballs and tomato, raspberry/pineapple smoothie

Blancmange - What's Your Problem

I'm off to Norway to shoot a wedding. Gotta run!

Glad midsommar/Happy Midsummer!

juni 23, 2011


Kokos- och bananpannkakor med färska jordgubbar och havregrädde, hallon- och banansmoothie

 Coconut/banana pancakes w strawberries and oat cream, raspberry/banana smoothie

New Young Pony Club - Ice Cream

1/2-3/4 dl whole grain spelt flour or regular flour (sv: fullkornsdinkel eller vanligt mjöl)
1 egg
dash of salt
2 generous tbs coconut cream (the creamy part of the coconut milk can - not the watery stuff)
1 banana, pureed

Whisk together
Fry small pancakes in coconut oil or butter

If you want a sweeter taste, add sugar. Simple as that. Oh, and I also added a dash of oat milk because the batter was a bit too thick. I'll probably skip that next time.

juni 22, 2011


Samma som igår pga brist på fantasi och tid - annan smoothie (hallon/mango/banan)
Same as yesterday due to lack of imagination and time - different smoothie (raspberry/mango/banana), Lula mag

Karin Park - Out Of The Cage

juni 21, 2011


Färska jordgubbar som jag plockade igår, bananbröd, hallon/dadel/cashewsmoothie med lite linfröolja. Kan vara det vidrigaste jag någonsin smakat. Jag provade i alla fall något nytt.
Strawberries that I picked yesterday, banana bread, raspberry/date/cashew smoothie w a dash of flax seed oil. Disgusting, but hey. You never know until you've tried. Thought the dates would sweeten it (didn't have any bananas at home), but they just made it...yuk. Or maybe it was the oil. I think bananas are a must have if you put flax seed oil in a smoothie. I actually managed to drink half of it. Don't ask me how. I deserve a medal for doing that. Never again.

Dessert Sessions - I Wanna Make It Wit Chu

juni 20, 2011


Grillad kyckling m ruccola, rädisor och kokt ägg, te (inte på bild)
Grilled chicken w rocket lettuce, radishes and boiled egg, tea (not shown)

Dodgy - Good Enough

juni 19, 2011


Bagel (gjord på fullkornsdinkel) med kyckling, bacon, ruccola och rädisor, hallon/banan/mangosmoothie, te
Whole grain spelt bagel w rocket lettuce, radishes, grilled chicken and bacon, raspberry/banana/mango smoothie, tea

Taken By Trees - Sweet Child O' Mine

juni 18, 2011


Knäckebröd med kalkonpastrami, physalis, skivad kiwi, hallon/ananassmoothie, te
Crisp bread w turkey pastrami, physalis, sliced kiwi, raspberry/pineapple smoothie, tea

 April March - There Is Always Madness

juni 17, 2011

Something sweet

Prepare a bowl with cashews, sliced dried apricots, sunflower seeds, coconut, peanuts, raisins... Whatever tickles your fancy. Go nuts. Literally. Or not.
 Melt 100 grams of fine dark chocolate (I use 70% cocoa). When melted, throw in 30 grams soft butter or coconut oil. Stir while it melts. You don't have to add butter. I do. It tastes better, but hey. That's just me.
 Nuts and dried fruits go in the melted chocolate. Stir. Try not to eat it all just yet. It's hard. I know.
 Spread choc mixture on foil. Stop eating dammit! Show some character. Ahem...
 You don't have to sprinkle the choc with salt, but I loooove the sweet/salty taste. I use a fine salt that is often used when making confectionaries. Expensive, but it lasts forever.
 Sprinkle salt on top. Be careful not to overdue it. Chocolate under my fingernails. Nice.
 Put choc in freezer for 1,5 h or overnight in fridge. Yes, I need to defrost my freezer. Moving on.
 Break into small bits. Enjoy.


Jordgubbar med havregrädde, riskakor med jordnötssmör, te
Strawberries w oat cream, rice cakes w peanut butter, tea

Noah & The Whale - Tonight's The Kind Of Night

Swedish strawberries. How can I explain the taste without making it sound all Marcel Proust-like?
I can't.
Summer. Childhood. Laughter. The old, rundown house we rented near the coast. The outhouse with cobwebs everwhere. Running barefoot. Riding an old and rusty bicycle to the ocean with my mum. Bees. Jelly fish. Salt water. Scraping my knee. Basking in the sun with a good book and a crappy walkman. My grandfather and his stories and a thousand other things. All this in a bowl.
If you're ever in Sweden during the summer, be sure to pay a visit to a strawberry field and go nuts. Sure, you can buy them in the grocery store, but it's not the same as picking the sunwarm, ripe berries directly from the plant. Yes, you have to pay for the ones you pick, but they don't weigh you before and after. Hence - go nuts.

juni 16, 2011


Fruksallad med kokos, dinkelbröd m jordnötssmör och banan, hallon/ananassmoothie
Fruit salad w coconut, spelt bread w peanut butter and sliced banana, raspberry/pineapple smoothie

Ben Folds - Mess

juni 15, 2011


Hallon/ananassmoothie, knäckebröd m jordnötssmör och banan, russin
Raspberry/pineapple smoothie, crisp bread w peanut butter and sliced banana, raisins

Okkervil River - Rider

juni 14, 2011


 Dinkelbröd m ost och rädisor, stekta äppleskivor m kokos, ananas/hallonsmoothie
Spelt bread w cheese and radishes, fried apple slices w coconut, pineapple/raspberry smoothie

 Cake - Frank Sinatra

juni 13, 2011


Dinkelbröd m ost/salami, blåbär/ananassmoothie, kokt ägg
Spelt bread w cheese/salami, blueberry/pineapple smoothie, boiled egg

Eels - Fresh Feeling

juni 12, 2011


Stekta tomater m bacon, bananbröd, hallon/blåbärsmoothie
Fried tomatoes w bacon, banana bread, raspberry/blueberry smoothie

Bombay Bicycle Club - Always Like This