juni 17, 2011


Jordgubbar med havregrädde, riskakor med jordnötssmör, te
Strawberries w oat cream, rice cakes w peanut butter, tea

Noah & The Whale - Tonight's The Kind Of Night

Swedish strawberries. How can I explain the taste without making it sound all Marcel Proust-like?
I can't.
Summer. Childhood. Laughter. The old, rundown house we rented near the coast. The outhouse with cobwebs everwhere. Running barefoot. Riding an old and rusty bicycle to the ocean with my mum. Bees. Jelly fish. Salt water. Scraping my knee. Basking in the sun with a good book and a crappy walkman. My grandfather and his stories and a thousand other things. All this in a bowl.
If you're ever in Sweden during the summer, be sure to pay a visit to a strawberry field and go nuts. Sure, you can buy them in the grocery store, but it's not the same as picking the sunwarm, ripe berries directly from the plant. Yes, you have to pay for the ones you pick, but they don't weigh you before and after. Hence - go nuts.

5 kommentarer:

Ivy sa...

your discription sounds wonderful. its a pity, I never been to sweden. but after this words, I want to go there for sure!

blomflicka sa...

åh jag håller helt med om jordhubbsbeskrivningen. åh så gott med jordgubbar.

Panna L sa...

Absolutely delicious! I've got the same good memories from my childhood here, in Poland. And picking strawberries from my grandma's field.. <3 I wish I visited Sweden someday.. I'm even trying to learn Swedish. Wish me good luck :)
Hej då!

Lisa sa...

I made it today, but with white chocolat, as a birthdaygift to my bestfriend. It was so simple, and so yummy! Thank you for the inspiration

aswedishgal sa...

Ivy: Come on over. I'll make you breakfast, hahaha! ;)
Blomflicka: Godaste som finns.
Panna L: Good luck! I mean: lycka till! :)
Lisa: You did? That's great! Glad you liked it! :)