juli 02, 2011


Looks like I've misplaced my memory card reader. Can't find it anywhere. Oh well. Suck it up and buy a new one. In the meantime - here are some pics of my sister. Shot with film. I've scanned the negatives. No editing whatsoever - some minor sharpening, but that's it. More film pics here.

9 kommentarer:

Sarah sa...

You're a very talented photographer! I love your pictures and all your breakfasts!

Anonym sa...

I love all the photos!<3

Mrs E (ibland Grefvinnan) sa...

Så fina!

Anonym sa...

hei camilla!

you said you scanned your negatives, right? i'm thinking of starting doing the same, so i save some money. do you only scan and invert the colors?
thank you <3

ps. i love those!

hanna sa...

Sicka underbara bilder och jag tycker header blev finfin :D

aswedishgal sa...

Sarah: Thank you so much!
Milena: I do too - film kicks butt.
Miss E: Eller hur! :)
Catarina: I scan the negatives with an Epson v500 scanner (there are some things that annoys me though - like dust particles, but I remove them in PS). I use gradient map for the black and whites - other than that, I don't post process at all.
Hanna: Tack snälla du!

Panna L sa...

You're really exceptionally talented photographer :)! I love the photos.. wish I knew how to scan the negatives too.
Have a nice day! :)

blomflicka sa...

fullkomligt älskar din nya header!

Magda sa...

Dessa bilderna är helt underbara. Du har verkligen talang som får till så vackra bilder utan någon redigering.