juli 08, 2011


Riskakor m jordnötssmör och banan, vattenmelon/äpplesmoothie m lite linfröolja
Rice cakes w peanut butter and sliced banana, watermelon/apple smoothie w a dash of flax seed oil

British Sea Power - Living Is So Easy

The watermelon needs to be frozen in order for the drink to be "slushy". Slice it and put in a plastic bag in freezer overnight. If the pieces won't separate, just beat the bag on the counter until they do. I use maybe a generous cup of frozen watermelon (2,25-3 dl). Then I add apple juice and a dash of flax seed oil (which is why it looks slightly oily - you can omit this if you want). I never measure, I just pour the juice in. A cup (2,25 dl) maybe? Mix. Enjoy. A perfect summer drink and waaaay healthier than the slushies you buy. (God, I sound just like a health guru - which I am NOT!)

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LisaMarie sa...

Ser som vanligt väldigt gott ut!

Ivy sa...

hahaha, I always wonder how to make a real good smoothie. thank you :D
And know I want peanutbutter. you made me hungry. again... I shouldn't read your blog when Im at work... :D

Panna L sa...

Even if you're not a health guru you've got a great idea how to make a watermelon drink.. not to make it simply watery.
Great breakfast :)
Ps. Everytime you eat rice cakes I think about eating them too.. but somehow always forget to buy them xd

Ivy sa...

Hey Panna,
your rice cake problem is mine :D

lisa sa...

tack för idag! :) hör av dig när du framkallat filmerna :)
kram lisa

Magar sa...

But was it delicious yumtown like a gas station slushy? Does it still dye your tongue? I'm game to try this either way. I think it needs to happen

Johanna sa...

Mummelimumma. Detta blir morgondagens frukostdrink. I guess. Om jag ids gå och köpa äpplejuice.

aswedishgal sa...

LisaMarie: Det var himla gott! Testa!
Ivy: Hahaha! Of course you should! And keep a peanut butter jar in you desk for emergency situations. :)
Panna: Seriously - rice cakes w peanut butter is awesome. Rice cakes without peanut butter - like eating cardboard.
Lisa: Tack själv! Jag hör av mig snart! Tar väl en vecka eller så. :)
Mags: Well, no. But it still tasted great! Try it!
Johanna: Bara gör't! :D

Jeanette sa...

Är ganska så avis på dina sugrör.

Panna L sa...

Ivy: Peanut butter is like a drug. When you start you really cannot stop eating it xD Probably rice cake will help - at least you can pretend you've eaten more p.b. than you actually had (but hey, who say you can stop after one rice cake^^;)

A Swedish Gal: Indeed! Rice cakes with chocolate frosting could do as well.. but they're undoubtedly not as yummy as peanut butter ones.. :)