juli 05, 2011

Same same

I got a comment.

"You're blog gets very simular"

I'm guessing it's supposed to be "similar", but what do I know.

My answer to that is:

Yeah. So? It's breakfast. Not science.

You try and be original for 365 days and see if you're mental health is still intact after a while. You think fairies shop my groceries, find good angles and then upload these images? It takes time to maintain this blog. In a perfect world, I have my very own butler called Jeeves who serves me something different every day (perfect world for me, not for Jeeves). Sadly, this is not a perfect world and if it hadn't been for a promise I made to myself last October (that I would take a photo of my breakfast every day in order not to skip it - which I normally did) I wouldn't be doing this in the first place. There are mornings when the last thing I want to do is a take a damn photo of yet another smoothie or boiled egg or whatever. But I still do. 365 days dammit. Just do it.

Recently I've skipped dairy and white flour, which basically means that I start every day with a smoothie and whole grain bread. Fun, eh? I might as well bury myself in a hole in the ground now that I've omitted everything that makes life worth living. Oh well. It's just an experiment. I actually feel... OK. I don't need milk. Or white flour. Or sugar (it's a struggle though, BELIEVE me...). I wrote something a couple of months ago, about how, if I were to die tomorrow on my way to work, I wouldn't want my last breakfast to consist of slimy oatmeal. Then I stuffed my face with bagels. I still feel that way. But I realized that my eating habits were... ehm...not ideal. I felt bloated. I needed a change. My body needed a change.

Anyway, if you have a problem with that and want to see something...uhm... not that simular..? go somewhere else. And bring a dictionary.


29 kommentarer:

Elina sa...

Nice post! :-D

Elina sa...

and i love your breakfast photos!

aswedishgal sa...

Thank you! :) Glad to hear it.

Anonym sa...

Jag som tycker din blogg är så sjukt inspirerande och är imponerad över variationen på frukosten varje dag. Keep up the good work!

Sarah sa...

I wonder what that person eats every day for breakfast if he/she is complaining that your posts are all similar. You should ask that person for new breakfast ideas.

I love breakfast foods, in fact I eat it for dinner quite often. My goal is actually to compile 365 breakfast recipes. A Google search is actually how I found your blog. Then I kind of became addicted to it.

I enjoy your blog so keep up the good work!

Yoor sa...

I adore all your breakfast photos!

Lolka sa...

Love your blog, your photos and your addiction to smoothies! :)) Huge hug from Hungary! :)

Sofia sa...

bra skrivet! :)

Panna L sa...

You know what? Don't care about losers, literally.
What's wrong with eating several similar breakfast in a row? What if I love strawberries and feel like eating them every morning? What if I don't have time to come out with something creative?
Nothing happens.
I know how much effort it costs to make a nice-looking breakfast, shot it and post it every single day. And I really adore your blog, needless to say that you were my inspiration to make a breakfast blog myself.
Similar, really? Another smoothie? But I respect every single one of them. Personally, I can't really pull myself together to make a smoothie in the morning ^^'
So.. I guess when someone implies that it's such an easy task and you should be more creative it means that he eats bread with butter at the most everyday.

And I wouldn't ever have guessed you're forcing yourself to eat brkfsts like these :) They are so yummy-looking, colorful and great that it makes me think you really like healthy eating. (I like^^;). So I keep my fingers crossed for your eating well and not becoming discouraged by someone's stupid words. You're doing really well. Stay on your track and do not care 'bout negative opinions. You have quite a bunch of fans here :)

Take care <3

Missy sa...

Luv ya, sweetie. Du får bjuda mig på frukost vilken dag som helst :-)

A. sa...

I love your blog, and i think this project is amazing.=)

Laloo sa...

that was amazing -- and btw, i love your blog, and your breakfasts, so whoever wrote that can suck it. (sorry about the language)

Anonym sa...

couldn't stop laughing.

go ahead, girl, i love what you do!

Cyd sa...

hahaha Rock on! I really hate comments from haters. Don't worry, the rest of us love what you're doing.

Thais sa...

I don't think your posts are similar. I think they are magical. Every day. Because I always think about the time and effort it took you to make it, photograph it then post it. I wouldn't make it a week.
I just hope you don't stop after day 365. Even if you go back to carbs and dairy or skipping breakfast once in a while, keep going. I love it.

Anonym sa...

love love love your inspiring blog

Caroline sa...

Hahaha! Brilliant reply!

Luv ur photos, and lots with me I see.

caroline {wwwaddell.com}

aswedishgal sa...

Anonym: Gulle dig. Tack!
Sarah: Yeah, me too. Thank you so much!
Yoor: Aw, thank you! :)
Lolka: Right back at ya!
Sofia: High five!
Panna L: Stop - you're making me blush... :) Thank you so much!
Missy: Come on over! :)
A: Thanks! :)
Alexandra: Suck it indeed.
Catarina: :)
Caroline: That's so sweet of you. Thanks! :)
Cyd: I just needed to blow off some steam, hahaha! Thanks! :)
Thais: I think it's going to be hard to stop. I kind of gotten used to making breakfast, taking a photo, uploading it. It takes time, but it's fun at the samt time. :)
Yanabordon: Thank you so much! :)

Cat sa...

You go girl! I hope whoever wrote the pathetic comment saw this :-D I've gotten great ideas from you and hopeless with breakfast. Hope I will learn one day to eat a proper one:-)

aswedishgal sa...

That's great to hear! :)

Camilla Andersson sa...

det är väl bara att läsa bloggnamnet så vet man ju vad man har att vänta sig här? älskar verkligen den här bloggen! älskar frukostbilder så det här är ju rena drömbloggen för mig.

FunkySteph sa...

I have been following your blog for a little while and never let a comment, but here I go....
I had same habit as you: skipping breakfast and found your blog while browsing.
I just LOVE your pics, they are great and yes all the time I think about how long you certainly spend doing those great pics and posting them. You also inspire me and sometimes I "steel" your breakfast idea... So you see, I do something "simular" ;-)
Take care.
And oh.... please don't close this blog (because of stupid comments!), I just really love it!
Greetings from Luxembourg.

Anna Eleonor sa...

Var kommenterade jag? Jag ville säga att jag tycker dina bilder visar på unika frukostar. Råkade jag lägga det någonannastans?

nimrodel_river sa...

Just wanted to say how much I adore your blog and look forward to your yummy posts! Don't listen to such idiots, negative numpties like that aren't worth it!

aswedishgal sa...

Camilla: Precis. 365 days of same same. :) Hahahaha!
FunkySteph: No worries. I won't be quitting for a while. :) And thanks a lot!
Anna Eleonor: Ett annat inlägg tror jag. Väldigt fint att höra hur som helst. :)
Nimrodel: Thank you so much!

Anonym sa...

Hello from Singapore! I eat the same breakfast - lingonberry sandwich (jam from IKEA) because you make me love lingonberry hahaa, I eat the same thing for a month already. You may eat the same thing but it's a different picture! LOVE!


aswedishgal sa...

Awesome! :)

Mrs E (ibland Grefvinnan) sa...

Heja heja, frukost is the shit!

Ivana sa...