juli 05, 2011


Jordgubbar med kokos, cashewnötter och havregrädde, hallon/ananassmoothie
Strawberries w coconut and cashews, oat cream, raspberry/pineapple smoothie

Of Montreal - Coquet Coquette

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Anonym sa...

Could You tellme please , how to do oat cream/
It is very interesting :))

Panna L sa...

I'm also interested in this oat cream of yours..<3! Give us some directions, please!
Your breakfast looks really yummy (gonna pass the 'as always' line^^) Love it <3

Btw. I haven't baked your ultra-tempting bananbrod yet, but had a little yummy banana-oats bake for today's breakfast <3

Ha en bra dag!

aswedishgal sa...

I buy it! :)

I think you can find it in a regular grocery store. Look for a lactose free shelf. It should be there. It's thicker than regular cream and tastes a little different, but I like it.

Panna: Ha en fin dag! :D

Panna L sa...

So I guess we don't have it here :) I will try in one of these far-far-away-from-my-home health food store when I get there. However, you enlivened my imagination and now I wish of something like oats-honey mousse. Thank u :)

Tack! Jag talar inte svenska. Jag försöker :D

Anna Eleonor sa...

Jag tycker du lyckas göra alla frukostbilder speciella. Jag ska leta inspiration till mina egna frukostar och mellan mål.

magasinprojektet sa...

åh vad god smoothien såg ut. har du något hemligt knep haha? / Emma

aswedishgal sa...

Panna: I think you're doing just fine. :) Oooh, mousse? Yeah, that does sound nice!
Anna Eleonor: Vad roligt att höra! :)
Magasinprojektet: Hahaha! En skruttig stavmixer. Thats it. :)