augusti 11, 2011


Pudding gjord på rårisgröt + hemmagjord äpplekompott, hallon/banansmoothie
Raw rice pudding (yesterday's leftover porridge) w homemade apple chutney, raspberry/banana smoothie

Bat For Lashes - What's A Girl To Do?

6 kommentarer:

slyvvia sa...

I never eaten such a pudding, but it looks great and will to try ^^

Sara sa...

OJ vad detta ser gott ut.
Måste genast prova!

Anonym sa...

The pudding looks great. I must try to it! Btw. I love the little bear. :3

Anonym sa...

Hey there! I just discovered your blog and I think it's AMAZING! You are very creative and I see you put so much effort in making these delicious meals. I think I will try some of your recepies because they look soo tasty. Keep up with good work! Best regards from Bosnia and Herzegovina. :)

fghrst sa...

Detta kan vara droppen som får floden att föra mig till närmsta ställe där man kan köpa små ugnsfasta formar!

Panna L sa...

You had a really yummy breakfast today.. :)
I wrote some time ago, that I'd like to try that traditional Swedish rice pudding.. and haven't done it so far :) So now it's my chance to do it <3
Take care <3