september 22, 2011


Jordnöts/blåbär/bananscone, riskaka m jordnötssmör o skivad banan, hallonsmoothie
Peanut butter/blueberry/banana scone, rice cake w sliced banana, raspberry smoothie

Delorean - It's All Ours

4 kommentarer:

slyvvia sa...

Peanut butter and blueberries are my favorite combination. It looks very great :)

Amelia sa...

Oh my this looks absolutely delicious. Made me want to eat a second breakfast!

Panna L sa...

Mmm, om nom nom nom nom! <3 Want to steal your little cute muffin right away <3!
Have a nice day :)

Unga fröken Karlsson sa...

Gillar den lilla papp-behållaren som sconesen ligger i. :)