oktober 01, 2011


 Blåbärspannkakor m jordnötssmör, skivad banan och rostad kokos, mandelmuffin som jag inte orkade äta, hallon/banansmoothie, havrechai
Blueberry pancakes w peanut butter, banana and toasted coconut, almond muffin that I couldn't eat because the pancakes were way too filling, raspberry/banana smoothie, oat chai

Newton Faulkner - If This Is It

When I'm done editing my last wedding and finished up some other things, I'm going to lock myself up in the kitchen and bake bake bake, measure and write. Hopefully I'll have a little collection of recipes printed before Christmas - in both English and Swedish. If all goes well, that is... You never know...

5 kommentarer:

Unga fröken Karlsson sa...

Jösses vad du är uppfinningsrik vad det gäller frukost!

Masha Atanasova sa...

i love this breakfast!!
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Sylvia sa...

looks so delicious!
by the way, I have the same plate!
and also two cups for it:)

Panna L sa...

Wow, this pancake is.. awesome! I'd love to have it for my tomorrow's breakfast.. oh please, invite me to Sweden for a breakfast! <3

Anonym sa...

Hur gör du dessa blåbärspannkakor ? :) Funkar inte att lämna ID här eller bloggadress till min, svara gärna, issies.blogg.se

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