oktober 07, 2011

t minus 10 days

 We're counting down now, people.
Just sayin'.

Oh, and I bought new glasses (Wasa Optik i Göteborg - fruktansvärt fin service och en miljard gånger roligare utbud jämfört med andra optiker). To say that I love them would be a gross understatement. Oh, and look what a great job I did maintaining my awesome haircut. Not. It looks like the mullet from hell. Ah well. Hobo hair is the new black. Indeed it is.

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Anonym sa...



yllet sa...

uhu. betyder det att du tänker lägga ned???

Anonym sa...

hmm..how does 'the next 365 days of breakfast' sound?
Or should I say, how will we survive without your breakfast inspirations?!

aswedishgal sa...


"365 days of bad hair and smoothies"?

I'm thinking... yes.

Yes indeed.

Vemund Eldegard ( : sa...

Please don't stop blogging when you reach 365 days. You're blog is an inspiration to so many people. <3

Mrs E (ibland Grefvinnan) sa...

Love the specs darlin'! I vote for 365 days of whatever - every day is a surprise!

Tesa sa...

Jättesnygga glasögon! :)
Vad blir det för bloggprojekt härefter?

aswedishgal sa...

Tack! Bra fråga. Jag kommer nog på något. :)

Panna L sa...

Ouh, your haircut is awesome, so are your glasses, and the anniversary.. Hmm, maybe we should start counting to 1000 for a while? And then we will see.. :) 365 special days is quite a big deal, isn't it? Congratulations and.. we are waiting for more :)
Have a nice day :)!