december 20, 2011

Alive and... umm... kicking

I got an email.

"Are you dead?"

No. I'm not dead. I work in a book store and with Christmas just around the corner, I basically live there. It's crazy. Crazy fun, but still. Zero time to update my poor blog. Oh, and I'm in the middle of selling my apartment. While editing pics like a madman. And school's just started (I'm studying marketing to - hopefully - become a copywriter).



Not yet.

Thing is - I did 365 days. I don't really feel the need to post pics every single day anymore. I'm not going to stop, but it's nice to just eat and relax instead of shoot-eat-upload pics.

Anyhoo, I just wanted to wish you guys a merry x-mas (I HATE it when people write x-mas, gah! why did I just do that?!) and let you know that I'll be back soon.

Until then - keep it real, yo.

13 kommentarer:

Mikaela sa...

Vad kul det låter att arbeta i en bok-affär! :) Du kanske har några tips på jul-böcker (som handlar om/utspelar sig under julen) som ger extra julstämning? :)

Vesle Serena sa...

Good luck with school & selling the apartment and the last days og XMAS (hoho) craziness! & enjoy your breakfasts :) Hugs and god jul!

PinkBow sa...

i've never commented beofre...but i love your blog and look forward to new posts. merry christmas!!

Anonym sa...

have a lovely christmas!
congratulations on completing the 365! must feel great.

Zoe sa...

I love your blog so am pleased you are carrying on. Why not do a trilogy: 365 days of breakfasts, then lunch and then dinner? :-).
I wanted to nominate you for a blog award but it is for blogs with less than 200 followers. How many do you have?
I am looking forward to your next photo as that is what I love about your blog. Your photography and 'Tartelette' 's are the best.
Happy Christmas

Tone sa...

jeg er kjempeglad for at du fortsatt poster bilder av frokosten! og jeg skjønner godt at du ikke syns du må gjøre det hver dag lenger.

god jul, camilla!

Zoe sa...

I nominated you for a blog award :-). You can see more about it on my blog - see link above.

Emma sa...

Oh, snälla - sluta inte helt med dina fina frukostar. Har blivit så sjukt inspirerad av din blogg och framför allt gladare då jag börjat äta riktig frukost på morgonen! Tack för att du startade den här bloggen! :)

Nessa sa...

A wonderful year to you!


A.J sa...

I love your blog. i always do. happy new year! :)

Unga fröken Karlsson sa...

Men gudars, vilket obehagligt mejl att få. =/

Anonym sa...

Hvis du hadde satt alle bildene etter hverandre i en liten film med litt musikk til hadde det blitt fint, eller hva? :)

Anonym sa...

OO YAY soooo glad to see you back! I adore your blog and your photos!