februari 26, 2012


Äpplepaj gjord på fullkornsdinkel, hallon/banansmoothie
Whole grain spelt apple pie w cinnamon, raspberry/banana smoothie

februari 25, 2012

I heart you

I wonder.
Here we go.
We're having a friendly contest at school. It's about using social media (twitter, facebook etc) to promote something. Hence the video link in the previous post. I'm not much of a competitor. I hate competing. I more of a kumbaya type of person. Let everyone win, happy, happy, ladida... Anyway, me and a couple of classmates made a music video. We were given a song and had very little time when it came to the making of the video, but I dig the end result. It's cute. Nothing fancy. People holding up signs where they've written I heart... something. Fredrik Toreskog wrote the song while on paternity leave. It's about his then four year old daughter and how she bosses him around. We shot the video with my 5D Mark II and a 50 1,2L (for all you camera geeks out there). All in all, it basically took us one day to film and cut. No. I don't care if we win or lose (it's about getting as many views as possible). I'm still proud of the video. But (oh, there's a but...) if we do win - I will document my breakfast for another 365 days. No interruptions. Cross my heart. Pinky swear. AND I'll give you a link to where you can download a pdf with some of my recipies.

Another 365 frickin' days.

In a row.

If we win.

(Oh crap...)


If you want - click, link, embed, spread... Go nuts. The deadline is Wednesday morning (Swedish time)

Until then:


Blåbärsbröd med honung, kokt ägg, apelsinjuice, varm havrechoklad
Whole grain spelt blueberry bread w honey, boiled egg, orange juice, warm oat milk chocolate

Blueberry bread does not make a pretty picture.

februari 10, 2012


Kokospannkakor, kokt ägg, kiwi, apelsinjuice, hallon/banansmoothie
Wholegrain spelt coconut pancakes w cinnamon, boiled egg, kiwi, orange juice, raspberry/banana smoothie

februari 09, 2012


Kokospannkakor gjorda på fullkornsdinkel, hallon/banansmoothie, vindruvor
Wholegrain spelt coconut pancakes w cinnamon, raspberry/banana smoothie, grapes

februari 08, 2012


Hembakat bröd med kokt, skivat ägg, mandelmuffin, hallon/banansmoothie
Homemade bread w sliced egg, almond muffin, raspberry/banana smoothie

februari 07, 2012


Kokt ägg x 2, bananmuffins gjorda på mandel- och rågmjöl, honungspomelo, te.
Boiled egg, banana muffins, honey pomelo, organic tea.