april 04, 2012


Amerikanska pannkakor m jordnötssmör, banan och lingon, hallon/banansmoothie
Pancakes w peanut butter, sliced banana and lingonberries, raspberry/banana smoothie

4 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Hi, I´m very curious on how you prepare the daily raspberry-banana smoothie. It looks delicious. I guess you don´t use cow milk (never seen it in your breakfasts)..... is it yoghurt? Looking forward to your answer. Greetings, Laura.

Anonym sa...

what about pdf with recipes? :)

Emma sa...

yummy! today i ate pancakes too but for my second bkfst in school.
your pancakes look sooooo delicious and i want to eat bkfst like this just now! :)

Mdmslle. sa...

This looks perfect!!!