september 25, 2012

september 21, 2012


Sojayoghurt m dinkelhonungspuffar, stekpannebröd m basilikaspread (vegan), plommon, hallon/banansmoothie
Soy yogurt w puffed spelt (sweetened w honey), frying pan bread w vegan cream cheese, prune, raspberry/banana smoothie


Rårisgröt på kokosmjölk med äpple och kanel
 Raw rice porridge (made w coconut milk), apple and cinnamon

september 19, 2012


Rågbröd med valnötter, yoghurt (soja) med müsli, hallon/banansmoothie, vattenmelon
Homemade rye bread w walnuts, soy yogurt w granola, raspberry/banana smoothie, watermelon

september 14, 2012


Omelett m körsbärstomater och persilja, blåbär
Omelet w tomatoes and parsley, blueberries

september 13, 2012


Hirsgröt m flagad mandel, solroskärnor, lingon, kanel och rismjölk
Millet porridge w sliced almonds, sunflower seeds, lingonberries, cinnamon and rice milk

september 12, 2012


Rårisgröt m skivad mandel och lingon, hallon/banansmoothie
Raw rice porridge w chopped almonds and lingonberries, raspberry/banana smoothie

september 06, 2012


I am my own worst critic. Always have been, always will be. I go back and look at old photos and all I see are things I could have done better. Why didn't I do this, why didn't I do that? Basically, I torture myself.

I almost threw this away. The photo above. Hanna's eyes are slightly closed and she has this glow around her as if she is not completly in focus. And then I changed my mind. I could have photoshopped her eyes open, but I didn't. And that glow? It doesn't really bother me that much. I think it adds something to the photo. It started to grow on me. Even if Hanna and Todd decide to discard it, I'll always look back on it and see beyond the technical flaws.


Dinkelbröd m ost och gurka, soyayoughurt m quinoapuffar, hallon/banansmoothie
Whole grain spelt apricot and cashew bread w cheese and sliced cucumber, soy yogurt w quinoa puffs and blueberries, raspberry/banana smoothie

september 03, 2012


From a wedding shoot a few weeks back.


Idag skulle jag suttit på Da Matteo och pratat med blivande reklamstudenter. Tyvärr ligger jag däckad efter att ha reagerat rätt kraftigt på hostmedicinen jag shottade i mig x antal gånger för att överleva lördagens bröllopsfotografering. Cocillanakoma deluxe. Yrsel är bara förnamnet. Kan knappt röra mig utan att vilja dö. Det här åt jag till frukost i lördags (idag åt jag tio vindruvor). Smakade bättre än det ser ut.

Had a major reaction to a cough medicine (with ethylmorphine) I took Saturday. Dizziness deluxe. Can hardly move. I ate ten grapes today. This is what I ate Saturday before shooting a wedding, which is why I took the damn medicine in the first place - because I didn't want to ruin the ceremony by coughing through the vows. I took several shots throughout the day. Not one cough, although I had to fight hard not to fall asleep while standing up. One of the side effects is drowsiness. I think my tounge went numb a couple of times as well, but I didn't really care. 
Great success, I thought on my way home. I did it! Yay! Mini wave!
The real side effects came during the night.
I literally crawled out of bed, high as a kite.

This is basically the hangover from hell. Times a gazillion. 

Stekpannebröd med guacamole, kokt ägg
Whole grain rye frying pan bread w guacamole, boiled egg