februari 24, 2013


What if people think I'm trying to ridicule something that I actually feel very strongly for, I thought while my sister was jumping around in the t-shirt I've designed for the Pink Ribbon campaign. I looked at it. Nothing about courage and keep strong, you can do this, survive. It's not exactly a t-shirt that screams breast cancer awareness. Why didn't I choose something a little more... I dunno... cancer related? A pink heart maybe? Sure. I could have done that. Thing is, cancer is an awful disease that takes many lives way too soon. There's nothing beautiful and angelic over it. It's a shitty shitty thing that destroys lives. Yeah. I could have chosen a rose or something. Written KEEP STRONG AND CARRY ON underneath it. 

I chose a unicorn.

Because, honestly, I just wanted... something else.

You can buy it here.  

Tee in pics is a size medium

februari 10, 2013


- Hey blog.
- Hello.
- It's been a while.
- Sure has.
- Um. Yeah.
- So...
- So.
- This is awkward.

OK. Yeah. I know. Its been like... forever I guess. A long time. I could give you all sorts of reasons as to why I stopped posting. Go on and on and on. Or I could just show you. And no, I don't expect you to spread it. I would be forever grateful, but I'm not counting on it.